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Community is one of the few things that AI will not as easily replace yet. It can already write a better sermon outline than most, but it can't bring people together (yet). Community will be even more important in the future moving forward for both streamers and pastors when an AI can be live 24/7 or releasing content constantly.

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This is amazing! I literally just quoted ChatGPT in my sermon this week (as in yesterday!) after prompting it to write a sermon on the importance of baptism in The United Methodist Church. For a quick response, ChatGPT pretty much had all the theology that I would be looking for in an response by one of my students or an incoming candidate for ministry. I was impressed, and I had to share that with my congregation.

I'm interested in how we can learn more from these models and programs in order to utilize them in a way that is more functional towards our ministries.

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