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I was going to silently lurk this article till I saw I was in it 🤣 It's all well said.

To me, it's about knowing why I'm here. Is it to get views, or to get engagement? I see the most life change in discussions, so that's what I track.

On that, let God guide you— not the numbers. So many times, the people that surround Jesus have ideas to "spread the word", but Jesus listens to God and often does what doesn't make sense till hindsight. Even the best chess players miss the optimal moves 30% of the time till they see what the computer calculates. If chat messages was my own drive, what about when chat is so much I can't read it? Some streams have walls of unreadable text because it goes so fast. I'm all for tracking and accountability, but it's there to inform and correct, not drive and decide.

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What can I say? I only cite the best.

And this is good insight - it is helpful to acknowledge the difference between an individual producing a livestream and an organization producing a livestream. At it's best, this article is written to the organization seeking to determine helpful analytics for energy to be focused into good ministry.

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